Friday, July 15, 2011

Video Game Failures

YLOD :( Pictures, Images and PhotosRROD Pictures, Images and Photos

We all know of the e74 error better know as RROD or "Red Ring Of Death" and the YLOD or "Yellow Light Of Death" but in all how many people does this effect and how many other system failures are there?
*The RROD and YLOD are the same problem just one is on the Xbox 360 while the other is on the PS3, then your system get this the solder between your GPU or CPU has liquefied and now the GPU or CPU has moved creating an error on your screen. To fix this is simple re-over heat the 2 metal plates and have them slide back into place usually done with a heat gun or other tools and that should fix it.

Other problems still occur on these new consoles like the Xbox 360, it has a problem with the laser where it burns rings into the game disk, when this happens the disk is essentially worthless at this point but did you know a man sued Microsoft for selling him a system that would destroy its own games and he won. When problems like this occur it is best to either get the company who manufactures the console to fix it immediately or get someone who knows what their doing to fix this. The PS3 has its own problems too, the slim may run on 10% less power so it wont get YLOD as easy but they tend to have the laser on thier disk drives burn out faster than the fat's.

When everything is done you can always look towards your Wii and say hmm that'll never break but then again what games does the Wii have that's worth playing compared to the PS3 and 360? So what should you do? Go break out that old console like the NES or Sega genesis and play some good old Mario and Sonic!

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