Saturday, July 30, 2011


RealPlayer is a program similar to iTunes or Windows Media player but it has one this I use that these 2 default programs don't have. RealPlayer has 3 functions that come in hand when your watching a video on YouTube and want it, the first this is it's RealPlayer Download and if you keep RealPlayer updated then you can basically download any video you watch on the internet! The other feature is RealPlayer Trimmer, this lets you cut the video down so lets say you only want the middle of the video you can cut the other parts out easily. The final part RealPlayer Converter, this lets you convert the video you downloaded or any video you would like to any format you want but mp4, to convert to mp4 or PS3/PSP format you need to buy the RealPlayer Gold version but there are many other programs that can convert to mp4. If you wold like to download this free program here it is just copy the link below
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Batlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3

Many people are asking witch will be better, BF3 or MW3 so I figured I would jump in on this. As far as I can see BF3 will out beat MW3 for a few reasons, first off is that battle field hasn't came out with a new game in a while so people are gonna want to see it along with it's new Frostbite system com paired to Call Of Duty's games that come out every year now and MW3 will use the same system that COD:BO, MW2, WAW, and MW1 used. Second is that the DLC or map packs for the Call Of Duty games are now reaching $15 per map pack compared to many other FPS shooter games out there, and most other games have them set at $5 a map pack and probably BF3 will too. These are my main 2 big reasons but other that the COD and MW3 hype the new COD game wont sell as much as BF3 but we will have to wait and see wont we!
BF3 VS MW3 Battlefield 3 Vs Modern warfare 3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey Everyone! I'm hopefully going to be volunteering at SacAnime this year and I know what your thinking, volunteer? Yes! Why? Because I will get my money back and will be getting free stuff, well more like a free shirt but who cares! It's SacAnime, the anime convention of Sacramento and the place to be if you love anime!

Here is a link to volunteer at SacAnime this year
Volunteering at SacAnime
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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I love to experiment with programs to see witch are good and witch are bad but I've been using a program called 7zip for a long time now and it basically does what winraw does but for free! Winraw is a program that lets your computer unpack compressed files like .raw flies but after the free trial they make you update and pay to use it but I have a program called 7zip that does the same thing and maybe more. I use it to unpack all my computers files I download mainly .zip and .raw files but I have used it for other files and it works great and I can even create .zip file with the program. I love this program and I thought you should know about it so heres a link to the 7zip homepage and the download, try it out!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Hate Digital TV

If you or anyone you know has DTV then I think you Can agree with me when I say that I hate DTV! Before the nation wide switch I could watch an entire show with just some static, now if I'm watching TV and the wind picks up the entire picture cuts up and blanks out for a bit, now if your me who enjoys comedy shows then when the wind picks up and the picture blanks out right on the punch line it's quite an annoying thing. I don't see why America had to be the one to switch to DTV first but if you have local TV they are now displaying commercials that congress may take away Digital TV and TV in all (Excluding cable and dish). Now after they made us buy those stupid DTV converters and they want to take our TV away from us, first they kick us in the shin then punch us in the face! this is an outrage, congress will never pass this bill, I can grantee this. Digital TV was suppose to make TV viewing better but what I've seen all it has done is make it harder to watch it.

Here's just a few other people who also hate DTV

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Resident Evil 5

So I was playing Resident Evil 5 the other day and finally beat it on professional, I gotta say that game got hard later in especially when I got to the Wesker level because the way to him was full of people with gun and you get hit once you die! But I did finally beat the game so I can congratulate myself and tell all of you that it's a fun game, it's worth buying and if you can I would say get the gold edition only because it comes with all of the extra content preloaded onto it making it very worth it

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Computers: Laptop Vs Desktop

So This question has been on my mind recently because I have to fix my home computers on a regular basis, my laptop crashes gotta fix it, my desktop crashes and I gotta fix it, so which is better? Laptops obviously has the portability but a desktop has the better processors and are easier to open to fix or change parts. So what comes down to make one more superior? On a personal level I like desktops better because I can move everything, my mouse, keyboard, screen, speakers, tower, etc. and with a laptop I cant do much about that and if the keyboard get split on or the touch pad mouse finally dies I cant really replace them easily like I can for a desktop. Overall I believe a desktop is better for these reasons but yours may be different and you may think that the laptops portability makes it better because you can go anywhere when I am chained to a desk but that's you so go find the computer you like.

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Free Money Anyone

So I recently found this site where all you have to do is click the link on the sites and it gets you cash to your paypal account every Friday, its easy and simple to use if anyone would like to sign up with them the site is called youdata. What you do is fill out your bio or what they call surveys then you go to ads that they say companies want you to see, you click the ad and let it load then close the page go back to youdata and click refresh and you have money that easy. Try going to it and making some money you will receive any money you make on your paypal account as soon as the weekend. Enjoy making cash!

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Link to Youdata:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Xbox 360 Hack Vs PS3 Hack

Whats the difference between the two? What makes one better than the other? The xbox 360 has 2 hacks, one being hacking your disk drive to play modded games and the other is jtaging so you can play off the hard drive. PS3's hack is more limited but very similar to the xbox 360's jtag, it makes it so you can play games off you hard drive. The difference is that modding a 360's disk drive makes it so you still can play online with a small LTE hack but with the PS3 and jtag hack you cannot, you will be spotted off the bat and banned plus if your banned on the PSN for hacking your banned for life! The jtag ban is very similar because Microsoft will ban you up until 2099. What makes hacking the 360 different from PS3 is that you can still play online, to play online with the PS3 you need the latest software when the latest hack is only for version 3.55 and the newest firmware is at 3.66 making online modding impossible. So what make hacking worth it? I think if I wanted to play Mario brothers I'd kick out the Nentendo not hack the PS3 or Xbox 360 but on the other hand it makes it so you can play the newest games for the price of $0, at least if your smart. In the end if your going to hack a console don't use it to play online or all your friends and everyone on the internet will laugh at you.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Video Game Failures

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We all know of the e74 error better know as RROD or "Red Ring Of Death" and the YLOD or "Yellow Light Of Death" but in all how many people does this effect and how many other system failures are there?
*The RROD and YLOD are the same problem just one is on the Xbox 360 while the other is on the PS3, then your system get this the solder between your GPU or CPU has liquefied and now the GPU or CPU has moved creating an error on your screen. To fix this is simple re-over heat the 2 metal plates and have them slide back into place usually done with a heat gun or other tools and that should fix it.

Other problems still occur on these new consoles like the Xbox 360, it has a problem with the laser where it burns rings into the game disk, when this happens the disk is essentially worthless at this point but did you know a man sued Microsoft for selling him a system that would destroy its own games and he won. When problems like this occur it is best to either get the company who manufactures the console to fix it immediately or get someone who knows what their doing to fix this. The PS3 has its own problems too, the slim may run on 10% less power so it wont get YLOD as easy but they tend to have the laser on thier disk drives burn out faster than the fat's.

When everything is done you can always look towards your Wii and say hmm that'll never break but then again what games does the Wii have that's worth playing compared to the PS3 and 360? So what should you do? Go break out that old console like the NES or Sega genesis and play some good old Mario and Sonic!

PS3 Easy Platinum

In all the PS3 games I own I have played and gotten many trophies on all of them but I only have 2 platinum's, one is for beating and getting all of the trophies on COD: Black Ops with a little help form a friend of mine (All trophies up to map pack 2) and the other is on Tekken 6. I can easily say the Tekken 6 was the one of the most easiest games to achieve all the trophies on clearly because most of them are achieved in offline while only 2 or 3 are online against other people. If you are a trophy hunter like I am I would say so and buy this game, it should be less than $20 now and it is worth playing not only for the trophies but it is a fun game.

Check out my PSN portable ID, It has all my trophies and if you would like to add me go ahead just tell me where you got my PSN name from

Get your Portable ID!

Sucker Punch Review

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I recently bought the Sucker Punch extended cut blue-ray DVD combo pack and I watch the extended cut and if you had seen the movie there are 2 parts that stands out in the extended cut, a scene where you see everyone dance but Baby Doll because it is her first night at the insane asylum/in her mind. This one scene does make a difference to the movie, it shows all the usual things that happen at the place. The other part is at the end before she receives a lobotomy, Baby Doll and the "High Roller" start to have a sex scene but he wants it to consensual not because he paid Blue (The club manager) but because he cannot love, after this you mainly see the end of the movie but you get to see Sweet Pea find and take the dress she is wearing before she gets on the train.
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Hey everyone

Hey everyone on the internet, this my new blog, I am the OrangeMango and I mainly will be bloging about videogames, movies, music and reviewing other items on the internet. Feel free to read anything I post and comment on them freely Happy Bloging Everyone!