Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Computers: Laptop Vs Desktop

So This question has been on my mind recently because I have to fix my home computers on a regular basis, my laptop crashes gotta fix it, my desktop crashes and I gotta fix it, so which is better? Laptops obviously has the portability but a desktop has the better processors and are easier to open to fix or change parts. So what comes down to make one more superior? On a personal level I like desktops better because I can move everything, my mouse, keyboard, screen, speakers, tower, etc. and with a laptop I cant do much about that and if the keyboard get split on or the touch pad mouse finally dies I cant really replace them easily like I can for a desktop. Overall I believe a desktop is better for these reasons but yours may be different and you may think that the laptops portability makes it better because you can go anywhere when I am chained to a desk but that's you so go find the computer you like.

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