Saturday, July 30, 2011

Batlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3

Many people are asking witch will be better, BF3 or MW3 so I figured I would jump in on this. As far as I can see BF3 will out beat MW3 for a few reasons, first off is that battle field hasn't came out with a new game in a while so people are gonna want to see it along with it's new Frostbite system com paired to Call Of Duty's games that come out every year now and MW3 will use the same system that COD:BO, MW2, WAW, and MW1 used. Second is that the DLC or map packs for the Call Of Duty games are now reaching $15 per map pack compared to many other FPS shooter games out there, and most other games have them set at $5 a map pack and probably BF3 will too. These are my main 2 big reasons but other that the COD and MW3 hype the new COD game wont sell as much as BF3 but we will have to wait and see wont we!
BF3 VS MW3 Battlefield 3 Vs Modern warfare 3

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