Friday, July 15, 2011

Sucker Punch Review

sucker punch blu ray Pictures, Images and Photos
I recently bought the Sucker Punch extended cut blue-ray DVD combo pack and I watch the extended cut and if you had seen the movie there are 2 parts that stands out in the extended cut, a scene where you see everyone dance but Baby Doll because it is her first night at the insane asylum/in her mind. This one scene does make a difference to the movie, it shows all the usual things that happen at the place. The other part is at the end before she receives a lobotomy, Baby Doll and the "High Roller" start to have a sex scene but he wants it to consensual not because he paid Blue (The club manager) but because he cannot love, after this you mainly see the end of the movie but you get to see Sweet Pea find and take the dress she is wearing before she gets on the train.
sucker punch Pictures, Images and Photos

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