Saturday, July 30, 2011


RealPlayer is a program similar to iTunes or Windows Media player but it has one this I use that these 2 default programs don't have. RealPlayer has 3 functions that come in hand when your watching a video on YouTube and want it, the first this is it's RealPlayer Download and if you keep RealPlayer updated then you can basically download any video you watch on the internet! The other feature is RealPlayer Trimmer, this lets you cut the video down so lets say you only want the middle of the video you can cut the other parts out easily. The final part RealPlayer Converter, this lets you convert the video you downloaded or any video you would like to any format you want but mp4, to convert to mp4 or PS3/PSP format you need to buy the RealPlayer Gold version but there are many other programs that can convert to mp4. If you wold like to download this free program here it is just copy the link below
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