Monday, July 25, 2011

I Hate Digital TV

If you or anyone you know has DTV then I think you Can agree with me when I say that I hate DTV! Before the nation wide switch I could watch an entire show with just some static, now if I'm watching TV and the wind picks up the entire picture cuts up and blanks out for a bit, now if your me who enjoys comedy shows then when the wind picks up and the picture blanks out right on the punch line it's quite an annoying thing. I don't see why America had to be the one to switch to DTV first but if you have local TV they are now displaying commercials that congress may take away Digital TV and TV in all (Excluding cable and dish). Now after they made us buy those stupid DTV converters and they want to take our TV away from us, first they kick us in the shin then punch us in the face! this is an outrage, congress will never pass this bill, I can grantee this. Digital TV was suppose to make TV viewing better but what I've seen all it has done is make it harder to watch it.

Here's just a few other people who also hate DTV

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  1. I also hate dtv. Some days a station i have watched for awhile will go off the air for several days and then come back again. Other times the signal cuts in and out. Sometimes a station will just disappear completely after being on for a long time. I wish I had analog back.