Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fucking weekend

Shit always gotta get fucked up. Can't go good too long without someone, something fucking it up. Asshole who can't move his car, bitch who wants to talk  about other people, bitch who want to complain about letting people sleep on the floor. Can't move your shit car and let me finnally won't on my and get mine fixed. Can't shut up about a bitch I don't trust because she doesn't return things so why should I let her borrow my things? Can't just be ok with letting people sleep ob the floor, I've never had an issue with people doing it before! But no we can't just drink Saturday night either, bitch has to take up my friends time and kill my fun too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Upcoming Stuff

So I'm going to Sacanime this weekend and in October I'm going to Monster Aftershock. I can't wait until this weekend, this will be my 9th time going, that's 2 times a year since I was in high school! I get to hang out with a bunch of awesome people who go and I just want to relax this year. Then the 12th I'm going to a company BBQ, after that I'm buying parts for my car, the weekend after drivers test and the one after that will be my birthday. Crazy how thing just fall together.

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