Friday, July 15, 2011

PS3 Easy Platinum

In all the PS3 games I own I have played and gotten many trophies on all of them but I only have 2 platinum's, one is for beating and getting all of the trophies on COD: Black Ops with a little help form a friend of mine (All trophies up to map pack 2) and the other is on Tekken 6. I can easily say the Tekken 6 was the one of the most easiest games to achieve all the trophies on clearly because most of them are achieved in offline while only 2 or 3 are online against other people. If you are a trophy hunter like I am I would say so and buy this game, it should be less than $20 now and it is worth playing not only for the trophies but it is a fun game.

Check out my PSN portable ID, It has all my trophies and if you would like to add me go ahead just tell me where you got my PSN name from

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