Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hard Drives, What's The Biggest?

What's the biggest hard drive you know of? A 500 Gigabyte? A 1 Terabyte? The biggest out there is called a Yottabyte and a hard drive at that size would be estimated to be 1 trillion US dollars. So how much data is a Yottabyte? Well. . .

So whats this mean? That in 50 years that we will all be carrying Zettabytes in our pockets on flash drives while all our computers hold 20 Yottabytes each, HA! So for now not even billionairs will have the Yotta of memory, at least not for a while until the price drops under 1 million for one. So now I hope you feel insignificat with you 500mb flash drive.

If you would like a little more info on the size of these go to How Much Data Is That? or on The 1 Trillion Dollar Hard Drive then click these links, these are my references for today.

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