Sunday, August 14, 2011


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Christianity is the belief in god, Jesus, and the holy spirit, now god says to love all as he (or she) loves all but in this world anyone can see that there is a lot of hate and it is everywhere but for those who do believe in Christ and god many of them still have hate even though they don't believe they have it or that it is it. Many religions hate each other for believing in the wrong god(s), but what about Christianity, there are many different types of it being roman Catholic, Baptist, Orthodox, and Protestant, these are the main big ones, now there are many different reasons why these groups don't agree or like each other mainly being that how they worship god but a real example of this hate is between me and a friend of mine, not really her but her parents. I am 17 and a roman Catholic Christian, her and her parents being Baptist Christian and she is 18, they are very strict with her but that's understandable to a point, she is aloud to have friends over after she lets her parents know, understandable, she cannot go over to friends houses really ever, this is that point that isn't understandable, she has asked her parents why and in short it's that we don't go to her church being that we are Catholic, and to add to it so that's not the main reason, that they don't know who will be here. Now how I see it is that she is 18 going on 19, me and my girlfriend are good friends with and both of us like to see her but we cant any anymore, they both graduated from high school just last and this is my senior year (2012! Woot! Woot!) So what am I to do, how should I go about saying hey lets hand out but where when and for how long like scheduling a meeting!

In my eyes all I can say is that freedom isn't a gift but a right and to have parents like that is unfair to anyone's childhood. -OrangeMango

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