Monday, August 8, 2011

Dead Island!!!

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So the last post was a bit of a downer but this one is in much better hopes. The Dead Island game will be released September 9th and if you preorder it now then you will get:
DeadIsland The "Ripper"
* Exclusive Cover Art Packaging
* Exclusive In-Game Weapon:The Ripper(Special Combination Baseball Bat&Buzz Saw)
* Bloodbath Arena DLC which includes:
* 4 Arenas, deadly and hazardous spiked with traps
* Endless waves of Zombies
* Single or Coop Multiplayer
* Loot XP & items and bring them over into your campaign
* Additional Weapon : Sonic Pulse Grenade
Now looking at that how could you not want to get this game! How I see it to me it looks like a roam around game like a GTA game but with zombies like L4D. Now those who own a Xbox 360 and all ready own Left 4 Dead or L4D2 this game may not look to interesting because it's just another zombie game and the 360 already has a lot of them that are pretty good but this game will out do L4D in so many ways it's not funny. So if you would like a baseball buzz saw bat then preorder Dead Island at GameStop soon or you will miss out!

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