Saturday, August 6, 2011

People Suck

Girl Sucking A Sucker

It seems to me that everyone has their problems and everyone deals with them in their own way but that's not the problem, the problem is how they deal with them. If you understand the last sentence then you will understand the next, you know those people who can't handle their own problems so they drag you into them, well it seem that most people I know seem to do that or then there is the kind of people who try and manipulate you into helping them so that they get their way but then you wont hear from them for weeks even months or just until they want something from you again bu then theirs the other people that just don't know what to do and make you decide for them and then blame you for helping. It seems to me that no matter who you meet that they all have problems and they all seem to make the blame on you!

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