Monday, August 8, 2011

Twisted Metal 2010, 2011, 2012?

Twisted Metal Title Pictures, Images and Photos
So if you haven't heard yet Twisted Metal has been pushed off yet again to a later date. The original teaser came out at E3 in 2010, the game then had an unset date, then the game play was released and another trailer at E3 2011 with a set date of October 4th, and now that so many First Person Shooter's or FPS's are coming out in late 2011 they don't want top be overshadowed in a way that TM doesn't get its fair share of bloody glory. So on one had it is understandable to be pushed but on the other the game has been pushed to early 2012 making it so the wait for the game isn't worth it as much as when their was a set date, hopefully it will be released sometime in January or maybe they will get smart and debut it in December in time for the big holiday spending spree. But no matter what happens to the game I will still be looking forward to the game, here is a link to the Twisted Metal Official Site and a link to the Eat, Sleep, Play Official Site

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