Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Make Easy Money

This is a simple tutorial on how to make some easy money.

-Start with going to Blogger

-Then create an account and make yourself a blog, go ahead and customize it the way you want.

-Next is the money, there are a few ways you can go to make money through your blog.
+Money By Click
The easiest I have found is to use Google Adsense but with Google you run a chance of getting banned for many various reasons, they look for reasons to ban you, I was banned for having misleading clicks aka people clicking on ads and then closing them, I advise trying Google Adsense but if it doesn't work then it doesn't.
+Money By Viewer
The other way I found to be easy is infinityads, they will pay you by how many times some one has loaded your blogs page, it is very easy is your blog gets a lot of regulars or just a lot of poeple in and out of your blog.

These are ways to make money but they are long term, meaning you do have to update your blog regularly so more and more people come to your blog and look at it making you more money. If you do make a blog just drop it on the comment section and I'll check it out myself and make you some cash =) And remeber to just keep blogging!

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