Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dead Island Platinum

Only 4 trophies away from platinum on Dead Island, I just need to do a few things on it and the Blood Bath Arena came out just last Wednesday making the game just that more worth playing. Most of the trophies/Achievements were pretty easy to get but some took me awhile of trying like "One Is All I Need" or get 5 one hit kills in a row But I am very close to my 5th platinum making me a very happy gamer. On the other side I have put many hours into infamous and have 3 trophies to go, and 2 are hard the other just being annoying, get 100 high fall kills, not too hard but I never seem to get them. Other than that this is just a update blog, if anyone needs help with trophies then leave a comment I may be able to help.

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