Sunday, November 6, 2011

Games being remade into DLC games for the PS3 and Xbox

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I am getting tired of seeing games being remade for the PS3 and Xbox 360 that were originally for the Xbox or PS2 or even PS1. We own these games as a disk and we cannot play them on our new consoles unless we buy the "New" copy of the game, well I'm tired of seeing my disk copy be worth nothing! Having the disk version should mean something more! We may not be able to play our original game anymore because of Sony and Microsoft building shitty game consoles that break after 2 years or so, I demand that we do something about it. Games like Resident Evil, Bloodrayne, and Final Fantasy have been remade for the PS3 without any changes made to them at all! If we own the disk form and can show that we do we deserve something!

Sign my petition to make game producers give us a free download code for any game we own that has been remade into a download with out any remastering or changes at all.
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