Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs' Death

Let me start by saying R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Now looking back on this man he did some great a big things for a small company named Apple. He took it and started with one of the first personal computers, later on came the Apple laptops the MacBook's, and further down came the iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone and finally the iPad. All of these Apple products built to how he imagined them, He created one of the 2 biggest computer company's out there he was a great man. Recently he stepped down as CEO of Apple due to health issues even tho he still held the chairmen of the board position, he had recently found out he had cancer,when he stepped down Apple lost about 4% of stocks, (It doesn't sound like a lot but look at how much Apple is worth) then there was a recent rumor that he had died and Apple lost 11% of their stocks, they quickly rose when the rumor was proven wrong but what do you think happened now? Apple did not say how he died but it doesn't take a astronaut to tell you it probably was cancer.

Steve Jobs Died October 5, 2011

Lets all Bow our heads for the family members of Steve Jobs. God bless him and let him rest in peace.

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