Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Battlefield 3!

It's out! I picked it up my Limited Edition copy on Tuesday at 12AM at GameStop at their midnight release of the game and it was fun as hell! I won a Batman T-shirt from the Arkham City game that came out just a week ago but more on BF3. I love the gamepla0y, I've gotten through half of the story mode so far and am a level 2 in the multiplayer so I have a long ways to go but I will be doing a review on the game in days to come soon. With preordering the game I received the online pass, and the M1911 hand gun will be given to me as soon as I log back on to the game (Yay) the Back To Karkand expansion pack will be out soon and along with that we (PS3 users) should be getting a copy of Battlefield 1943 for free! And whats better than free? More Free! But what else do we get for free you ask well an awesome ass game that's what! So when Modern Warfare 3 comes out hopefully all the brain-dead COD fans will realize it's the same games as MW2 but with a new story. I really like this copy of BF3 because it has beautiful graphics and a new Frostbite 2 making it some bad ass competition for MW3.

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