Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mango's Game Rewviews: Dead Island!

So how many people out there love to slay zombies? And how many people out there like FPS? And who likes a game with a story behind it? Now what do you get. . . Left 4 Dead? NO! You get Dead Island, a wide open space to roam around and kill zombies as you pleas while leveling up your character to become the ultimate zombie slayer out there. Along with killing zombies you get to play a very interesting story that tells who the 4 playable characters who happen to be immune to the virus but remember just because you don't get sick doesn't mean a zombie wont tear you to shreds for your tasty arm. Now the game is mainly based around going and getting items for those who would get killed by zombies so it is a lot of back and forth get this and come back but on the good hand I would say about 35% of all the missions are main story missions and all the others are side story missions that are optionable. I have done one play through with one of the characters and am now a level 31, I have absolutely loved the game other than some kinks and problems, one main one being that the PS3 version has a save bug making it unable to save if your are playing online but to fix that log off your PSN and play offline. The other 2 problems is when it loads to a new area the place hasn't finished loading and looks really blurry like a person who needs glasses not wearing them, this happens for the first few seconds when you load into a new area and the last problem is that no matter what level you are the zombies level up with you so you end up getting beat down pretty fast by them, 3 swoops and your dead. Those are the only 3 problems that I have seen with the game so overall it is a good game but the PS3 needs a patch for that save bug (Doesn't help that I play on a PS3). If your searching for a new game to play I would advise going out a picking up a copy of Dead Island because it is a great game and that is why I am giving it a 4 out of 5 stars today.
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