Saturday, July 16, 2016

Installing New Speakers on a 1967 Chevy Elcamino

So I recently put a radio into my 1972 VW Super Beetle and my brother was using a portable bluetooth speaker and fianlly got to the point where he said fuck it I'm installing a radio for my car so we went to best buy and bought 2 speakers and a bluetooth readio.

Now I'm betting your wondering why we installed the speakers into the old one, well thats because it uses a special bracket to hold the speaker and figured it would be easider the way we did it. I hope this helps someone with their future install. 

So we took the original Speaker and started cutting it to fit the new 2 speakers, I believe e used 4x4 inch speakers.
 You can see here the difference between the cut and the uncut sides
 Now here it is finished being cut so its ready for the speakers.
 And finally with the speakers in it. it fit perfectly and sounds great too.

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