Thursday, March 5, 2015

Evolve Game Review 4/5 ★

So here Is a total review of my experience of Evolve.

To start I just want to say I did pre-order this game to get the free DLC being a few character skins for the original 4 hunters and the first monster, also when the 4th monster is released I will get it free, was this worth it in my opinion, well not really. Here's why, the skins really don't matter, they charge them for I think $3 per skin on the PS store and they don't actually add anything to the gameplay, only thing that will be worth it is getting the 4th monster free but we don't know when that's happening so for now it wasn't worth it.

Gameplay: Yes it's gameplay is fun and how the whole system is in my opinion it just works. To me there are a few weak points and strong points some being that leveling up feels worth it when you unlock stat upgrades for your characters like +2% attack with "fill in the blank" weapon but on a downside I feel like when you pick to play single player offline and you pick a hunter you can switch between all 4 hunters but at the end you only get experience for 1 hunter, why is that? I played partly as each one so why only points for the single hunter, then again you could play as the one hunter you chose and not switch when you die but that just seems stupid.

Graphics/Visuals: I think the game looks beautiful and is very well designed. Overall running on PS4 on a 40" HD TV It's great. The attention to detail is nice, however on some maps you can find people stuck in the concrete while standing. When you use your sense ability as the monster it registers them as dead and edible. Its just they're half buried in the ground. Luckily these are non-playable characters, and just extra food for the monster. Also for gameplay visuals, to add on to the dlc skins, compared to call of duty where as skins to guns are really noticeable like the gold guns, evolves skins are hard to notice.

Story:  The intro for the game will always be the same and the ending can go two ways. depending on how your characters progresses through the five days will affect the ending. No two playthroughs will be the same due to the changing maps and affects, all depending on the prior day of whether the hunters or monster won. Coming from the point of view of the monster, the game seems pretty quick and to the point; Feed, Evolve, and Attack. When compared to the hunters, the gameplay seems prolonged due to the fact that the hunters have to avoid animals, plant life, ROCKS, any negative map affect from the prior map, babysitting your team mates, and the monster itself. If you're playing offline on the story mode, "Evacuation," then the story feels worth while playing.

Online Multiplayer: While playing online the multiplayer is fun if get to play from the start of the game, while if you get thrown into a game, like most games, its not so fun. Examples being when you start a game you have a better chance to choose a character class as well as specific character and ability buff. Counterexamples as when your thrown into a game you don't choose anything and are forced the open slot without buff or any other options. Online Evacuation doesn't feel as worth it to play unless you have a team of friends who know what they're doing. Otherwise you have a slapped together team of individuals who rather lone wolf through all five maps making it increasingly difficult to win. However the quickplay, "skirmish" if very fun because you don't get stuck in a 5 game story mode, yes the players are still random but you have better chance to find better players each new game.

Overall: This game is very fun and very beautiful, I can't wait to see what they do with it in the future because it has a lot of possibilities, I hope they don't mess up the DLC and continue to make the monsters worth it, Any one who has unlocked all the monsters will tell you that each have their own fun traits to play with, to tell the truth I'd like to see a mode with 8 hunters and 2 monsters on one map or a monster v monster game, or 4 v 4  on how many they can kill of the small and big monsters, like I said there are many possibilities we just need to wait to see what they do with the game past this point.

My Rating: I give this game a 4 out of 5 stars
Reason: I do love this game but the game modes are limited, maybe if they added an explore map mode or another type of game mode then I would have given it a 5/5 stars.

Special Thanks to Darwiznip for helping me finish this while I had just came from the doctors today.

By the way this is when I unlocked the wraith ↓ ↓ ↓

Here's an example of humans halfway in the ground from the hunters perspective

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